What it means to buy YouTube subscribers

How? Oh, never mind, no use cursing, not a good idea anyhow, kids might be reading this article. And that’s not a bad idea either when you think about it. Although, even as young as you are, today’s even younger kids seem to know even more about social media and how the internet works in their favor.

So it’s quite possible that they know even more about YouTube than we do. Man, wish more of these kids would join us.

buy YouTube subscribers

But then again, some of these kids are so, never mind, cheeky. Why do we even bother to be so nice and polite on behalf of our kids? Anyway, our very first word started out erroneously. We made a mistake. We’re human, you see. We’re not robots or algorithms. And then again, these bots still can’t do it right like we were taught by college lit professors. They can’t read or spell for their lives. And neither can a lot of the kids out there.

Sorry guys, we’re not insulting you. That’s the reality. Standards of education have been dropping drastically over the last few years. That’s a real, oh, never mind. You see, we’re trying our best to stay polite. That keeps us, how you say, cool, right. Anyway, what we meant to start off saying was this. Here’s what, not how, it means to buy YouTube subscribers. And this is easy to express. In just a few words we can tell you right now.

It’s pretty awesome, dudes. We’ve now got more friends than we can handle. Err, yeah, we bought our friends, so bite me, as some of you guys say. Or are you saying something else that is a lot ruder.