To license or not to license those beats for sale is the question

Okay, so we’ve done a bit of lifting ourselves. But it’s entirely legal. As a creative beat artist you know that this is what is known as exercising creative license. The words on which this article’s heading is bases is hundreds of years old already, and in any case, much of what we say or do, much of what we play and sing in the universal, multi-media language, we are already basing on what one of the world’s most famous lyricists and poets originally penned.

That’s creative license for you alright. The phrase has to do with making the right decision, especially when you’re in a dilemma. The dilemma here might be whether to purchase your own beats for sale, seeing as though there are beats out there that you can download for free. It depends also on your commercial and artistic intentions. If you are designing or producing purely for art’s sake, then it might be okay to mess about with a few creative beats that just happen to be free.

There are those free beats that are, however, going to a worthy cause. As a struggling artist, this is something you could fully appreciate. Those free downloads have voice tags attached to them. They are for nonprofit and demonstration use only. So, if you’re working on a new album project that should be okay for you. But what if something awesome comes out of it. What if you’ve created something truly funky and original that might just appeal to the mass markets out there?

Well, then you purchase your own license. By doing that, you make the newly created work that emanated from those downloaded beats entirely your own.