Fun Facts About OBX Fishing

If you are a fisherman looking for an unforgettable and exciting adventure, perhaps it is time to look at the Outer Banks for your fun. Each year, thousands of people head to the North Carolina Outer Banks to enjoy a fun fishing adventure, and so should you. Continue reading to learn a few fun and important OBX Fishing facts important to know.

Types of Fish

When you fish at the Outer Banks, the type of fish available for you to catch is numerous. Bringing home a variety of fish helps end your adventure in the most fulfilling way. Some of the types of fish you can catch includes:

–    Bluefish

–    Flounder

–    Wahoo

–    Amberjack

–    Striped Bass

–    Tuna

–    Cobia

–    Mahi Mahi

–    Many others

Types of Fishing Adventures

When you travel to the Outer Banks, you can pick from several fishing adventures. Or, why not try your hand at them all? Available fishing types you might enjoy include:

–    Pier fishing

–    Deep sea fishing

OBX Fishing

–    Kayak fishing

–    Beach Fishing


Are you the best fisherman in the world? If you think so, it is time to test your skills. With the fun fishing tournaments in the Outer Banks, you’ll be able to show off your skills and test your ability at the same time. These tournament take place at various times of the year and offer fun and excitement to all participants.

Enjoy More in the Outer Banks

Fishing is what you come for, but once you arrive, you will realize that the Outer Banks offers so much more. The scenery and the ambiance are attractive, and will certainly help you relax, unwind and take in the area as you should. There’s lots of adventure in the outdoors, but many great restaurants, beach fun, nightlife, and more also available.