To license or not to license those beats for sale is the question

Okay, so we’ve done a bit of lifting ourselves. But it’s entirely legal. As a creative beat artist you know that this is what is known as exercising creative license. The words on which this article’s heading is bases is hundreds of years old already, and in any case, much of what we say or do, much of what we play and sing in the universal, multi-media language, we are already basing on what one of the world’s most famous lyricists and poets originally penned.

That’s creative license for you alright. The phrase has to do with making the right decision, especially when you’re in a dilemma. The dilemma here might be whether to purchase your own beats for sale, seeing as though there are beats out there that you can download for free. It depends also on your commercial and artistic intentions. If you are designing or producing purely for art’s sake, then it might be okay to mess about with a few creative beats that just happen to be free.

There are those free beats that are, however, going to a worthy cause. As a struggling artist, this is something you could fully appreciate. Those free downloads have voice tags attached to them. They are for nonprofit and demonstration use only. So, if you’re working on a new album project that should be okay for you. But what if something awesome comes out of it. What if you’ve created something truly funky and original that might just appeal to the mass markets out there?

Well, then you purchase your own license. By doing that, you make the newly created work that emanated from those downloaded beats entirely your own.

Acting responsibly when you need financial help now

Today, the world is your oyster. As a single mother, struggling perhaps, you may find this hard to believe. But it is all true. Yes, you are quite right; it was not the case for your mother, also single; bringing you up, at some stage of her life. Especially since the last 2008 financial crisis, things have turned dramatically in your favor. And no matter how hard new administrations try to unravel the good work done by the previous regime and both houses on the Hill, it would take years to reverse the positive legislation that now empowers you to access vehicles when you need financial help now.

Not tomorrow, not next week or next month, but now. Previously, before they started acting recklessly and went belly up, putting many distressed families out of their homes, banks and their representatives never understood the essence of their fee-paying clients’ sense of urgency. It did not matter whether parents wanted to put their children through college, or improve their lives by securing their own homes in a better neighborhood.

Today, government officials are more acutely aware of the need to service the needs of hardworking tax payers like you. They know that they are obligated to serve you. There is a moral obligation to guide you with sound advice, legally constituted, and provide you with accurate information on the vehicles open to you to access affordable loans and lines of credit. They are now acting responsibly. But you need to act responsibly as well.

Do make sure that you apply for and schedule a loan only for those things that you really need, like purchasing your own home, starting up a business and financing your children’s future college fees.

Brief historical overview on voodoo practitioners

Up until now, you have only heard of and seen so-called voodoos in movies and on TV. Most of the time you were dished up with fantastical drivel so far from the historical truth that, surely dear readers, was hard to believe at times. Nevertheless, in reality, and especially during the darkest days among some communities from around the world, there are authentic voodoo practitioners out there. Because some of them are possessed with spiritual power, they can cause harm.

But the harm they may on exceptional occasions do is designated towards others who are doing grievous harm at the behest of those very communities who truly believe in the voodoos’ spiritual powers. The practice of voodoo goes back many centuries. Inevitably, you would have to go all the way to Africa to learn how it all originated. If you take your history seriously, you will be led all the way to Ghana, West Africa.

This is one of the areas where the voodoo practice evolved. It also evolved in Louisiana, Southeast United States, would you believe. You can already work out for yourself that this is a culture that the seemingly demure slaves brought on over from Africa during their tormenting travels across the Atlantic Ocean. Along the way, slaves were sold off to landowners in South and Central America. Famously, the voodoo culture took root in Haiti.

While this is indeed a historical fact it can also be regarded as somewhat astonishing and ironic. Because Haiti, it has to be said, is one of the most impoverished and cruelly persecuted nations on earth. But cynics also need to seriously bear in mind that country’s history before drawing their conclusions on the voodoo religion.

Why is My Cat Spraying?

As a cat owner, you probably anticipate numerous challenges, some that require trips to the veterinarian. But, one thing many pet owners don’t anticipate is cat spraying. Exactly what is spraying and why is this something that you might experience as a cat owner? Continue reading to learn more.

What is Spraying?

Spraying is the act of a cat urinating a small amount on a vertical surface. Despite what some people think, cats spray as a way to mark territory and for other reasons, and not as a litter training problem or because he or she needs to urinate.

cat spraying

Why do Cats Spray?

There are a few reasons for a spraying from a cat to occur. First you should understand how to identify spraying and signs that your cat is doing it. Oftentimes when a cat is spraying, he or she will have a quivering tail and will back into an area. A strong smell is left behind after the spraying. Once you learn how to identify a spraying cat it is time to learn why the feline is exhibiting this behavior.

Medical Problems

Several health conditions can affect a cat and cause spraying to occur. Those medical conditions include dehydration and Urinary Tract Infections. If you notice your cat licking his or her genitals, having difficulty urinating, or whimpers, it may be time to call the veterinarian.


Cats can experience stress too, and when they do, it oftentimes causes a slew of problems, including spraying. Signs that your cat is stressed includes frequent meowing, acting abnormally, confusion, and others.

Other Cats

Sometimes a cat owner cannot decipher anxiety or turmoil between cats, but it may nonetheless be there. Cat stress can also cause spraying as a result. This is another issue that your pet should see a veterinarian to cure.